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Alexa Lewis is a multimedia artist with experience in photography, design, and a variety of 3D mediums. Alexa has been working in theatre ever since she was a paid theatre technician at her high school her senior year. She took that passion to the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities where she had the opportunity to be involved in nearly every main stage that took place in her 4 years at the institution. Not only did she participate in builds for nearly every show and media designed for the senior dance showcase, but she also media designed and edited the main stage, Men On Boats. During this same year, she was brought on as a photographer for the Minnesota Daily.


She is a fast learner with a unique skill set that includes a multitude of computer programs, carpentry skills, and humorous writing. She is sufficient in Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Qlab, the Google Suite, Microsoft Office, Photo Mechanic, iMovie, and Audacity. 

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