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Video Experience

Video production, whether it be TV, movies, etc. has always interested me immensely. I love capturing emotions and then being able to further exaggerate them in the editing room. I have experience with iMovie, Adobe Premiere, and After Effects. 

Men On Boats

 During my senior show, Men On Boats, I was the lead student editor on the project. My responsibilities were to catalog footage, keep a record of the shot list, edit footage, and assign edits to fellow students that assisted with editing. Below are clips that I edited for Men on Boats and part of the shot list I made.

Personal Projects

Not only am I a fan of editing videos but I also really like creating my own. Most videos I make are of the goofy variety because I know that's what I enjoy watching. I am looking to get into longer features, as most of what I do is limited by computer processing capabilities. Below are videos I have made for either project purposes or just to make my friends and I chuckle. 

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