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Animation is a somewhat recent passion of mine. After I took a chance on an art department animation class, I fell head over heels obsessed. Through that class, I learned how to animate  Photoshop animation, After Effects, and the basics of Maya. I'm looking forward to advancing this interest of mine, especially in the realm of stop-motion. 

Men On Boats

I have always wanted to make a stop motion movie. Since I was a kid, I was always making characters and objects out of clay. I really loved the idea of having them move around instead of sitting stationary, but I didn't have any stop-motion knowledge at my disposal, so stationary they sat. 

Now, I am very interested in this storytelling method. Originally for my thesis, I wanted to create an entire stop motion film. Due to time constraints and being brought onto Men On Boats, this did not end up happening, but luckily for me, there was a demand for a small-scale model of a boat going down a river. Thus began my fantastic journey through the small scale, puppet canyon. 

Class Projects

I took an animation class in my junior year of college. In this class, I discovered a passion for animation. Spending countless hours on a project to perfect little details was exciting to me. I loved following the process from beginning to end. Unfortunately, I took this class right as the pandemic happened. So my senior year, I chose to take it again to further advance the skills I had learned the year before. 

Now I am very interested in expanding these skills outside of a class into the professional world. I am very interested in stop motion and 2D animation as well. I am currently looking to expand my portfolio, both so I can gain more experience and have more examples to apply to grad school with. 

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